Lakeffect was born many moons ago while living in Boulder, CO.  The Internet was it its infancy and people were buying up websites and banking for a future payout.  At the start of the new millennium, I truly believed it would be a place holder, not for someone else, but for myself.  I loved the idea of it but had no idea what to make of it.  So I waited.  For years, I held the website with the generic under construction page.  It has always been under construction in my mind.  Several times, I almost let it lapse.  Once, I was even offered money for it but just could not let go.  My e-mail extension was lakeffect with one e, as I explained several hundred times.  15 years later, a marriage, two children, and a move to California and back to Colorado, I am ready.  Lakeffect was my ‘not quite ready for prime-time’ idea that had turned into a flurry of ideas representing my passions in life – family, food, community, and sustainability.  This is a place to share my thoughts, learn from others, and make a positive impact on this chaotic world.